Our school is committed to the Christian values and share in its Mission which is to help others to believe that God lives and acts in them and our world, and to rejoice in his divine presence.
The school has developed an educational system based on trust and reverence for the dignity of every child.
Bridge of Hope teachers carry this spirit to pupils of diverse backgrounds as they seek to respond to the “Wants of the age” in which they live. Since 2013, these educators have helped students to grow strong in faith and lead successful academic lives.

Our education is both a clearly defined and flexible ideal.  It is traditionally rooted in Christian values and expressions and is attuned to learning opportunities which enable students to respond to life with joy, commitment and compassion.  Our teachers encourage pupils to meet diversity and change in their own gifts and God who has made covenant with the whole human family.

The following pages outline the aims and principles of Bridge of Hope Academy.  Its staff commit themselves to educate according to these principles and to lead the learners to embrace these ethos for themselves.

Mr. Peter Mwaura,


Educational tours

Every year the school takes the students on an educational/fun tour within and outside Mombasa.  This adventure is normally organized by the …

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The school has two vans.

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