Educational tours


Every year the school takes the students on an educational/fun tour within and outside Mombasa.  This adventure is normally organized by the school tour committee. The members of the committee discuss and agree on the best part of the country to visit, the cost implication, the appropriate time on the term’s calendar, which teachers to accompany the students and the duration of the trip.

Areas of interest mainly cover physical and biological geography, ecology, adaptations and interactions of organisms in their natural habitat, heavy farm machinery, livestock breeds, dairy farming and products, coffee and horticulture farming, conservation of wild life, environmental pollution and industrial activities. Other areas of interest have been the escarpment, hills & mountains, mineral salts environs, the study of plants and animal etc.

Subject representation is always considered in appointing which teachers to accompany the students in the trip and no subject is represented at the expense of the other.


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The school has two vans.

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